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[DETAILED] The Mind Game by Devika Das- A Journey to Discover Self

“Pretending to not feel anything is not real strength. Being aware of your feelings and their cause is the true act of courage.”~The Mind Game by Devika Das

The Mind Game by Devika Das reminds me of a best friend who is pursuing Masters in Psychology, is always busy researching and sharing the research with you- Untangling your life, one advice at a time.

I came across this book in a cafe and while waiting for my cold coffee, I flipped a few pages and I knew I had to read it someday- the whole of it.

If you are planning to read ‘The Mind Game by Devika Das Online’ or if you are planning to get hands on ‘The Mind Game book by devika das pdf’, I have a small suggestion for you all-

 Buy the Book, read a few pages each day, underline the things that you feel you need to work on, fold the pages you might need to re read again someday and only then will you be able to reap the benefits of this self help book. 

Usually self help genre is just not my type and I avoid reading them because all of their content boils down to one single thing- “Think and thy shall happen” with nearly missing rationalities and nuances. The Mind Game by Devika Das unweaves the complicated structure and provides analytical approach on how to resolve the issues within.

About the Cover of The Mind Game by Devika Das

The Mind Game by Devika Das, self help book

I usually assassinate the whole book by reading and then perform a full fledged Post-mortem by reviewing ( I don’t even spare the cover)

Oh! Shit that was utterly gross.


  • This book already set a great bar with its cover. Absolutely loved the subtle grey tone with the clean font.
    I came across this book in a local cafe and at the very first sight, it stood by its name, played a game with my mind and I knew I had to add it to my TBR List.
  • I really loved the title of the book, since after completing it justifies what what’s inside.
    So, if you ask me what was this book was all about- I’ll say in short , “It was all about ‘The Mind Game’ and then I’ll ask you to read my Blog review (I’m a true Brand Manager at heart)
  • The subtitle written on the cover of the book, “Master your Emotions to Achieve Success” serves its purpose legitimately.
    Usually all Self help books clamour “Law of attraction” predominantly but no one actually boils it down clearly as to ‘HOW’.
    But in ‘The Mind Game’, Devika Das gives forth practical implication as to how we can actually Master them.

The Mind Game book by Devika Das Review

The Mind Game by Devika Das is one such book that will jolt you with questions like, “Do you run your life or is your life running you?

Are you doing what you are really meant to do or are you simply settling for what is needed?

Are you in charge of your life or are you sitting, procrastinating, waiting for what life throws at you? Are you sinking down with the ups and downs or would you choose to grow?

‘The Mind Game’ by Devika Das is about the emotions we feel in our expressions, the experiences of our life, and how all of it reflects on us, shadowing or revealing our true selves and giving meaning to our existence.

The world is changing fast. There are young people banged up, Mentally and emotionally, Literally and metaphorically.

They have metamorphosed into a quockerwodger (puppet) with not an iota of a notion that their hands clasp their own strings.

Our body is a vessel and people are so busy running behind perfection and chasing illusions that they neglect the most important segment of their lives- Themselves. ‘The Mind Game’ by Devika Das will take you on a mysterious expedition, not elsewhere but within and will remind you to moisturize the life you’ve been neglecting for long. 

 If you contain unresolved issues within that you’ve been constantly concealing with your Smile, then ‘The Mind Game’ by Devika Das is an great self discovery book that will help you heal yourself, take down the walls you have built, nurture you and assemble your fragmented self to the whole of you.  

Rather than focussing on a single perspective, the author has given a panoramic view of the crucial aspects of life by reckoning connecting stories.

It is a great read where the author will help you through her words and experiences, discover your true strengths and scrape off the negative energies from your lives. 

Decoding The Mind Game by Devika Das

The Mind Game by Devika Das, Book review, Self- Help Book

The Book is rolled out into 6 segments and this segmentation itself is a strong asset of this book.

Just like the peel of onion, you flay it one layer at a time and discover a lot that had previously been hidden between the layers of our own self.

Not only this, each section has its own set of sub-headings that can further make it easier for the readers to handpick the segment they would want to read and yes, every segment is independent of the other. Choose and read however you want to.

The segments are-

  • Section 1- Five Ultra- Practical Steps to Emotion Mastery
  • Section 2-  Analysing people.
  • Section 3-  Live better with less.
  • Section 4- Go happy Go lucky.
  • Section 5-  Angry? Don't be.
  • Section 6- A happy workplace

The book is written in a very simple yet methodical way, where the author has made sure that we understand the basic essence of the problem first and then work on solutions surrounding it.

It is like diving in an ocean, hitting the bedrock and then paddling all the way up to swim.

Best part about this book is that it is not circumvolving around just one point, instead it covers a wide spectrum of human psychology.

This book is like the prism (about which we read in our science book) with the rainbow of human emotions and psychology entering it from one end, and a simple white light of solutions coming out from another

The Mind Game is an excellent resource not only to master your emotions but to identify them, segregate them, examine them, understand them, protect them and then finally be one with them.

From The Mind Game, which segment was my Favorite?

The Mind Game by Devika Das, self help book, motivational book

I’d definitely say the first segment,  “Five Ultra- Practical Steps to Emotion Mastery”  added a lot to my life.

  • FEEL YOUR EMOTIONS- It is not just you but also the belief system you’ve grown up, surrounded with, that shapes your character.
    Personal ideas, experiences and judgements make it hard for a person to identify the true feelings.
    So, we need to keep an open mind, be humble and accept the natural flow of events.
  • FACE YOUR EMOTIONS- Due to several factors like Avoidance, undue judgement, guarding, anger, depression and anxiety we tend to avoid acknowledging the emotions.
    Emotions are volatile, intense, unpredictable and often uncontrollable- so, they should be handled with care. Instead of ignoring or suppressing, we should stand up and face our demons for once and for all.
  • CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS- Sometimes under the influence of our emotions, we act in a jiffy and tend to make mistakes or take wrong decisions that we regret later.
    We should understand ourselves first, guide our emotions try to fill our spare time with quality stuff.
  • PROTECT YOUR EMOTIONS- Identify the source that is continuously drilling your energy and making you emotionally vulnerable and move away from it.
    Let compassion enter your self- defence mechanism and share your emotions with a friend (the one who always sees the sunny side of things) while also remembering to scrape out some time for yourself too.
  • UPGRADE YOUR EQ- EQ stands for Emotional Quotient and it is the power to identify, understand, use and manage emotions in a positive manner.
    Our sensory organs collect all the external information and transports it to the brain and whenever the stimulus like an emotional turmoil is generated, the brain responds within limited options like Fight, Flight or Freeze stimuli.
    So, in order to learn the art of not responding quickly to triggering emotional stimulus, we need to increase EQ.
    When we associate the emotional side of the brain and be rational, we increase our range of response and it prevents us from repeating past mistakes.

“Sometimes you cannot cry and sometimes, you experience an emotional outburst.” Understanding emotions can be wearisome but Devika Das breaks it down to the atomic level for all of us and after this section you feel like all of it was always there hidden in a lock, and now you’ve found the key.