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[#1]The First House by Robert Allwood | It Won’t let you Sleep!

The First House by Robert Allwood- one of the best Macabre Fantasy novel reminds me of how I’ve flown with dragons, ruled a castle, solved murder mysteries, witnessed great wars, seen the clock fixed at 6’o clock and ran into the wall at Platform 9¾  at King’s Cross Station in London for the Hogwarts Train.

While sitting under a shade of a tree or while being inside the four walls of the home wherever you are reading, a Book is a magic carpet that aviates you throughout the existent and the fiction world created by the mind of Writers. A gloomy story of a novel could break you but the lessons of self help books can make you. 

I recently came across one of the Best Macabre Fantasy, ‘The First House’ by Robert Allwood and it was such a delightful read for the reader in me.

The Premise of ‘The First House’ by Robert Allwood- one of the Best Macabre Fantasy

The First House by Robert Allwood, Best Macabre Fantasy

Women who could shape the fortunes of many, but could not divine their own…

Sarah Saville, daughter of a self confessed witch visits an island with her father and accidentally muds up the water by disrupting a sacred Altar. She grows up but the spell never leaves her and later on when she visits the island again, on her journey back she gave birth to twin daughters who were conceived through unsullied conception (an unknown miracle which her enemies could not turn blind eye to)

As she leaves behind her preceding life (of rogues, privateers, and witchcraft) and decides to start afresh with her new found life, she is besieged & attacked in the midst of the sea, and loses her daughters in the turmoil.

Fast Forward- The long lost daughters of Sarah Saville, forge their own destiny and like their mother, seek to reunite.

 A reunion that will set London on fire, and forever change the world as they know it. 

About the cover of ‘The First House’ by Robert Allwood

The First House by Robert Allwood, Best Macabre Fantasy

  • I have to admit that I am in love with the cover of the book. Sorcery, witchcraft, the best macabre fantasy, adventure and thrill encapsulated in the story reflects as exquisite on the cover.
  • The serpent on the book perfectly depicts all the evil action & the diabolic characters of the story.
  • The blood red color, the branches, the skull head and the pentagram on the cover gets you in the perfect frame of mind you need to begin the story with- Something sinister and jeopardous.

Review of The First House by Robert Allwood 

The First House by Robert Allwood is a prime work of gruesome imagination and thrill. It was a perfect dish served hot- barbecued with death, magic, violence, spell, parting & reunion- all in one. 

The First House is a debut novel in the dark new fantasy series and everything- from story plot to execution is taken care of. Mr. Robert has a special knack of painting the scenes with vivid imagination, dark characters and most importantly, blending the characters together to build the beautiful story. There is occasional blood and violence too that exists and I won’t shy away from saying that I did enjoy the blood spill by Gold (You have to read the book to know about the character.) 

What makes ‘The First House’ by Robert Allwood stand out for me?

The First House, Best Macabre Fantasy

I am impressed with the author's choice of words and the brain cells he has invested in influencing the characters with the tarot cards. This comparison won me in the first look.

The small nuances and the author’s attention to details is something you usually spot in experienced authors and I seriously can’t believe this is his debut Novel.

Here’s how Mr. Robert drew the comparison.

The Hermit Lady Eleanor Saville A mother & Witch
The Empress Sarah Saville Daughter of Eleanor Saville
The Emperor Lord Percy Turner A man filled with hubris
The Serpent Isolde A snake in the grass
The Fool Alex A thief with a heart
The Hanged Man Cyrus A family man
The Priestess Goldie Frost Daughter of John Frost
The Star Elena Stone A naive woman
The Magician Hazel A cunning woman

Apart from the tarot influenced characters there is a classic derived analogy of Roman mythology.

Decoding the mystery of Mars

Sarah’s mother, Eleanor Saville had a book. A roman diary that showed a colony that never left, a cult that worshipped Mars and never went back to Rome, Mars Romulus. The mad idea to find this hidden island tormented William until he finally figured out where and how.

The cult protected a statue of gold, it was their idol. But they also kept a boon hidden. Perhaps the reason Sarah went back to the island.

Along with the statue of Gold there was poeny- a flower ( which was part of a creation myth), the petal of which Sarah plucked- which changed her life forever.

Mythologically, Flora, a goddess of fecundity and youth, used a petal on Juno, who gave birth to mars itself.

And Sarah Saville had twin daughters through immaculate conception.

This was such a brilliant derivation.

 Mars had given her two daughters, an immaculate conception, a miracle.  Her research about the Roman god described him as a warrior. A being who stitched war and peace and granted gifts.”

About the author who has weaved one of the Best Macabre Fantasy- Mr. Robert Allwood

Robert Allwood studied art & design at the Isle of Man College, followed by a degree in Illustration at the University College of Falmouth. Robert switched to fiction writing after several years in both private & public job sectors, eventually agreeing that it suited him best. 

The original ideas for this novel were conceptualised in his twenties, when his interest in writing short stories and characters was more diversion than work. In writing several short pieces that interlinked with each other, he was excited by the concept of mixing mythology and astrology with them: the result, The First House was born. 

Robert currently lives in Peel, a seaside town on the Isle of Man, surrounded by maps, books, & notes.

He can be reached at:  [email protected] 

"The House series will continue in the next instalment ' The House of Gold ' and I am filled with so much thrill to read what happened next.