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NetFlix’s Bird Box Review | 10 Unanswered Questions

Bird Box- the Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller, adopted from the post- Apocalyptic Novel of Josh Malerman ‘Bird Box’ is a story that will throughout keep you on your heels and will cease your eye Blinks since its beginning.

People are absorbed with Mystic Thrillers that usually circumvolve around Zombie Apocalypse, Alien invasions and War Holocaust and even I have always felt a certain obsession with such genres.

Bird Box starts on a great note where people are haunted by unknown beings floating in the air, a sight of which causes them to take their own life. These beings are dispersed throughout the air and are causing mass suicide, where anybody who looks at them moves on to kill themselves. It creates a havoc with cars colliding, people walking into vehicles, getting smashed under truck, jumping from higher floors.

NetFlix Bird Box review

The Premise of Bird Box

In a Post- Apocalyptic world that is turning upside down due to mass suicide caused by sight of unknown beings floating in the air, a Woman, Mallory (Sandra Bullock) buckles down all odds for 5 years and tries to safeguard two children on a journey to a safe colony.

Why the name Bird Box?

NetFlix Bird Box review
Source- The Strait Times

On her journey to survive the evil forces, Mallory comes across a cage with birds in it. She founds it while collecting groceries in a general store . She takes them home and those birds stay with her throughout her escape Journey, hence the name.

The Story of Bird Box

NetFlix Bird Box review
Source- The Indian Express

FlashBack– News channels are flooded with the news of strange mishappenings where people are committing mass suicide in certain part of the World.

Malorie who is pregnant visits a hospital with her sister to check on her baby.

She is a single mom who has absolutely no interest in rearing babies. While they were leaving the hospital, a young woman commits suicide and all of a sudden the screen was filled with blaring honks of vehicles and people screaming.

NetFlix Bird Box review
Source- Collider

Mallory and her sister rush to their car and while driving in a chaotic road dotted with people committing suicide and throwing themselves in front of the vehicle, phone rings, Malorie turns behind to find it and her sister, who was driving the car unfortunately sights the evil thing that was making people commit suicide. Her sister ends up in an intentional accident, looks at Mallory with intense sadness on her face and then rams into a truck.

The Movie Bird Box is a series of Flashbacks and fast forwards which starts with a woman (Malorie) yelling instructions at a little boy and Girl.

Noticing the pregnant Malorie, a woman, leaves her home, comes across the street to help her and also ends up seeing the evil and killing herself. Mallory makes it to the home along with the furious husband of the woman who tried saving her.

NetFlix Bird Box review
Source- California Rocker

Fast Forward– Only a handful of people are now alive inside the house whose every window and door is locked tight and shielded opaque with paper and paint to avoid looking at that evil force because if you see it, you will kill yourself. They are trapped and trying their best to outrun the manslaughter happening outside.

They try their best to survive and eventually shrink in number after falling prey to the evil sighting.

However, their are a certain segment of crazy people who are like the messengers of those evil forces and force people into looking at them and ending their lives. They imply on cleansing the earth. With so many dead bodies, they will make the earth more trashy, isn’t it? (Sorry for the weak, trashy although in context punchline)

NetFlix Bird Box review
Source- The Mirror

With a series of flashbacks and Flash forwards, Malorie gives birth to a baby boy and names him, boy ( Yes, a boy with the name boy). She also rears the little girl of one of the survivors who later became the prey to the sighting and named her baby as girl ( Yes, a girl with the name Girl)

NetFlix Bird Box review

She falls in love with a survivor, Tom (Trevante Rhodes) who lives with them in that house for five years, until someone tells them a way out of that place on a walkie talkie. The group of crazy people arrive at that place to kill all of them and Tom pushes Malorie to run with the children and dies fighting all of them.

NetFlix Bird Box review
Source- Irish Times

Fast Forward– Malorie escapes with the children on this journey on a boat with their Blindfolds on. They escape through rough patches, even survived their boat that tumbled and crossing all hurdles finally reaches a place that is chirping with birds.

That place was a house for blind where a community of people lived and tadaa Happy Ending.

Oh! I forgot to mention, at the end of the story she renamed the girl as Olympia (after her mother’s name) and the boy as Tom (the man she fell in love with)

Ratings- I would give it 3.8/5

Honest Review for Bird Box

The movie started on a very solid story line that could have shaped into a better story but eventually the script turns weak. I appreciate Sandra Bullock as Malory. She has given an authoritative on screen presence and her perfectly seasoned acting gives a feeling as if you are there along with her, finding yourself a safe place, escaping the butchery and bloodshed. Here are a few Questions that popped in my brain while watching this movie.

If anybody has answers to it, do let me know in the comments section

  1. When Malory was in the car with her sister, how did she escape seeing that evil spirit which was thoroughly dispersed throughout the air?
  2. Who were those crazy group of people and how did the evil spirit took them in their team? (Any specific skill set they were looking to hire)
  3. While the world was coming to an end, how could Malory think of saving the birds when she was herself running out of stock of food?
  4. Where did Lucy and Machine Gun Kelly go after they left the house?
  5. A newspaper on the window could save them from the evil force but a security camera could not? I mean how is this even possible?
  6. By default, every old woman knows how to deliver babies or was Jacki Weaver a real doctor?
  7. How did Tom manage to keep his six pack abs and those rippling muscles for five years despite surviving on scanty food?
  8. Did Malory consume boost? What was the secret of her energy? How did she manage to row the boat single handedly?
  9. How did her gynaecologist manage to reach that safe place? Seems Like she already read the novel and knew the story.
  10. How did this Evil spirit look like? Was it a floating ghost wrapped in white bed sheet or a woman with coarse hair, two vampire teeth? What did it look like?

RECENT UPDATE- My feed is brimming with news of the new viral Bird Box Trend. According to The Verge Netflix warns people to stay away from this dangerous Bird Box Challenge as like the infamous Kiki challenge this too can be dangerous.

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