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Lord Of The Flies by William Golding | Human Savagery vs Civilization

Beautifully written by William Golding, Lord Of The Flies is a must read classic for every person who is into Young-Adult and Psychological Fiction.

We all clearly remember Hitler, right? The one with absolute power to rule people and  punishing them in whatever way he wanted. Power to filter people according to his own will and choices. Clearly, that’s the transformation that makes the humans evil and vicious when they are bestowed with the power to control the people around them. And this is exactly what I came across when I read the book “Lord Of The Flies”.The power to be the superior of all, taking over the mankind and ruling them.

Lord of the flies

The dark storyline that I came across is just phenomenal. The book may seem a little boring in the beginning. But once you’ve dived into the darkness, there’s no going back.

  • Book title – Lord Of The Flies
  • Author – William Golding
  • Published – 17 September 1954
  • Genre – Young adult and psychological fiction 
  • Ratings – 3.9/5 

Here’s a synopsis of the book ‘Lord Of The Flies’

Lord of the flies

The story is about some school boys who get stranded on a deserted island when their plane gets crashed. The boys find themselves lost on the island near Pacific Ocean without any adult supervision. Ralph blows a conch shell to gather all the other boys (aging between 6 year old to 12 year old) on the island. The group of boys is led out of the jungle by a boy named Jack. Ralph is soon elected as the Chief of the Island since he’s the eldest of them and seems to be strategic enough. He makes some primary rules for the survivors,

  • to have fun,
  • to survive (of course) and
  • to make signals for the ships passing by so that they can be rescued.

After exploring the island, Ralph along with Simon and Jack find out the existence of the pigs which could be chased. The conch can be seen as an important symbol in the entire story. After a sudden realisation that there is a beast on the Island everybody gets frightened. Ralph refuses to accept the fact. The main cause of all the problems that the boys face is the presence of the beast on the Island. There are two choices left with the boys, either to go along with Ralph’s way to conquer the fear by not believing in the beast. Or Jack’s way to accept the fact of the existence of the beast and hunt it as now they are a tribe. One of the boy turns out to be a sociopath which creates another problem on the Island.

One day, the boys fail to give any signal to the ship that passes by. Ralph gets disappointed and calls another meeting to make things right. Ralph tries to set a debate to understand why the group is being drifted apart.

The group divides into two as Jack rebels Piggy and tells Ralph that he is not a good chief. He along with majority of the boys leave the meeting and say that they can fight the beast alone.

The same night a dead man falls down to the island amidst the war. The dead man is mistaken to be the beast by the twin brothers, Sam and Eric and they decide to tell everyone. Ralph and other boys run to look for the beast in the only area where they haven’t looked, Castle Rock. Jack gets humiliated again by the boys as they all gather at the beach. He leaves them and marches off to hunt along with other hunters. After hunting the pig they place it’s head over a stake.

Simon who is probably an epileptic and often wanders alone all by himself, has an imaginary conversation with the pig’s head on the stake. The pig introduces itself as the Lord Of The Flies. The Lord Of The Flies tells him that the beasts are the humans themselves and can never hunt or kill. Realising with what he just confronted, Simon rushes to other boys to tell them who are enjoying the feast. He tells them the reality of the man in the parachute but no one listens to him and is therefore, killed.

After being assaulted by the Jack and his tribe Ralph, Piggy, Sam and Eric. Piggy loses his life while explaining the boys that it’s better to live according to the rules. Ralph secretly confronts Sam and Eric who were being tortured by the tribe. Sam and Eric warn Ralph that Jack and Roger have prepared to hunt him like the pig and that they have a sharpened a stick at both ends.

The island is set on fire by Ralph who is found hiding behind the bushes. The hunters chase Ralph who trips and falls and looks up at a British Officer who came by to investigate the fire. Ralph starts tearing up and cries over Piggy’s death. Seeing Ralph burying into tears, other boys start to sob as well.

My honest review on Lord Of The Flies

Lord of the flies

To be honest I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, I’ve always been into dark and adventurous. The book has so passionately depicted the end of innocence and the dark side of a man. I would totally love to read the book again and recommend it to anyone who has interest in such dark storylines.

I felt a little disappointment when Eric and Sam (the twins) cheat Ralph and disclose his hiding spot to Jack. Jack can be seen changing throughout the novel and has some really gross mentality. He has been a really disturbing character to me in the book. I feel his jealousy towards being the Chief of the tribe took away all of the humanity left in him. He was a very vicious and an over confident guy.

The book basically lead one to think about ruling oneself and what consequences it can bring along. It has some beautiful imagery that can make you create the exact picture about the happenings going on in the book.

The book mainly depicts the theme of brutality inside humans that leads to their own harm. Some might describe the book a little hard to read but trust me it is not. Once you understand the main theme and symbolism in the book you will easily understand what the author has tried to explain.

Lord of the flies may feel a little boring in the beginning but once you reach the climax, you would not regret reading it again and again. I definitely want to read the book once more because it was so beautifully written and the depiction of humans as monsters is speechless.

Lord Of The Flies – About The Author

Lord of the flies

Born in Saint Columb Minor, Cornwall, England, William Golding was a British writer. ‘Lord of the Flies’ was his debut novel which got published in 1954 after almost 21 rejections. The author, William Golding was awarded with the Noble Prize for literature in the year 1983. William Golding was always passionate about teaching. But he abandoned his passion for teaching in the year 1943 and joined Royal Navy and fought during the World War 2.

Ever since the book got published, it has gained a huge amount of fanbase and has been regarded as a Classic.

Frequently Asked questions – Lord Of The Flies

1. Reason to why Lord Of The Flies got banned?

The book got many objections because of some disturbing elements that were portrayed. The main reason can be the depiction of racism and chauvinistic messages through young characters.

2. What are the main themes discussed in the book?

The main theme that has been discussed in the novel is human nature at two different scenarios. One being savagery and other the rules of civilization.

3. Is this book based on a true story? 

Though the book depicts fictional characters but the happenings in the story were absolutely real. They were actually based on Golding’s real life experiences of violence during the World War ll.

4. Is this book suitable for all age groups? 

This is suitable for the children above the age of 12. Reason being that there are a lot of scenarios written in the book that can be quite disturbing for the children below the age of 12.