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Bullet Journaling for Beginners – Everything you need to know!

Bullet Journaling for Beginners – Before you begin with the task of penning down your life on the blank pages of a journal, you must be clear of the fact within yourself, “Why do I want to start this?”. A Bullet Journal will very soon become an integral part of your day-to-day life once you decide planning your life.

According to Ryder Carroll, “A Bullet Journal is meant to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.”


Bullet Journaling, also very commonly known as BuJo, is a process of systematically organising your day-to-day activities, recording your schedules, planning your future projects and keeping a track of your life. Bullet Journaling for Beginners might seem stressful and problematic, but it is not as difficult as it seems. Go through the blog and you’ll know why?

BULLET JOURNALING – Why should you start with it?

If you are a person who wants to get into the organised world where everything is planned and every activity is tracked, Bullet Journaling is the best option for you. If you are a person who loves to make to-do lists or wants to start writing a jouranal (but find it difficult to stick with the habit), then BuJo is the ultimate option for you.

Bullet Journaling For Beginners

The main idea behind a Bullet Journal is jotting down quick notes instead of writing long sentences. It helps people to get organised and reach one step closer to their goals. It can also be helpful for someone dealing with anxiety as an individual can pour out their feelings on paper which will help to revitalize their mental health.

A Bullet Journal is basically a combination of a Planner, Diary and To-do List. When you can find all the important stuff in a single place, what more can you ask for?


When you think of starting a Bullet Journal, don’t stress about the right time. NOW is the best time to begin with organising your life. Whether it is middle of an year, middle of a month or middle of a week. JUST BEGIN and rest will automatically flow. It doesn’t matter when you start with a Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

Instead of focusing on perfection, focus on how to make a perfect system for yourself. This is the main purpose with which you started a Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journaling For Beginners – All you need to do!

If you are a beginner and you feel that you don’t know how to start with your Bullet Journal, just try something artistic on the first page – like a Mandala, a doodle or a sketch. Next step is that you number the pages of your journal.

Make sure you decide a theme beforehand (best would be something you relate to) because it will help you going throughout the process.

After completing these steps, start with designing the basic pages of your Journal. Use different pens, washi tapes, stickers, stencils and colours to make them vibe with your theme. Here are a few basic pages for every journal;

  • Title Page
  • Key
  • Index
  • Daily Spread
  • Weekly Report
  • Monthly Review
  • Future Log

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

These are the most essential pages of your journal which will help you keep track of your activities. There are many other pages according to your preference – which are discussed further below.

Bullet Journaling For Non-Artistic People – Don’t worry, it’s not a Hercules task!

All you need to start with Bullet Journaling is a journal and a pen. It sounds simple, right! That is exactly the main purpose of it – to simplify your life. It is not important to know drawing or doodling or sketching or painting in order to start with your Bullet Journal.

Just separate out pages for particular purposes and start with your work. You can use your journal for various options like;

  • Daily To-Do Lists (To remember what you have to do during the whole day)
  • Your Goals (Weekly, Monthly or Yearly)
  • Books To Read
  • Birthday List
  • Quotes
  • Habit Tracker
  • Daily Affirmations
  • Progress Chart
  • Brain Dump (De-clutter your ideas by writing them down)

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

You can add any page in your journal according to your needs and preferences. There is no need to go according to a format.

Everyone who has just started with keeping a Bullet Journal, you must keep a cheap notebook with yourself in order to practice doodles, designs and calligrapy.


Everyone has their own way of designing their journal according to their likes and dislikes. Some people are art freaks while others use journal as a way to keep them sane and organised.

There are no limits on the ways with which you want to design your journal, it is always upto your preference how you want your journal to look like. Here are the few basic styles of journals that most people make use of;

  • Super Organised Journal

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

These kinds of journals are super neat and arranged in a proper defined order. People who have practiced journaling can make their journals look tidy very easily. If you’re beginner, try making it organised but don’t force it. You’ll eventually learn the art of Bullet Journaling with time.

  • Artsy Journal

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

Some people are fond of colour splashes, creative drawings and beautiful calligraphy. They use their journals as an escape into the artistic world present in their heads. You can adopt such a style if you too love to be artistic.

  • Scrap Book Style

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

These types of Bullet Journals are extremely attractive and great looking. The pages are decorated using colours, sticky notes, washi tapes, different colored pens, patterns, and everything pleasing to the eye. You should definitely try this if you love to work with stationery.

  • The Minimalist

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

Some people like to keep their journals very subtle and fine-drawn. They prefer using only a black pen to write down stuff and make their lists. These kind of people stick to the original system of journaling, that is Minimalistic.

  • The Doodler

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

This kind of Bullet Journal is a combination of The Minimalist and The Artsy. Such kind of journals have art in the form if subtle doodles drawn mostly using a black pen. People also use a splash of colour to beautify the designs.

  • Smash Journal

What is a Smash Journal

If you don’t want to involve into planning and stuff, then a smash journal is all you need to keep you going. You can add anything that you want to and anywhere you want. You can write, draw, paint or even paste pictures. This is like a memory box which you can fill with every feeling and emotion.

  • Junk Journal

What is a Junk Journal

A Junk Journal is basically a journal that you make yourself using papers from magazines, patterned sheets, packaging bags, music sheets, envelopes, cards, post cards and coloured sheets. You can use old book covers, cardboard or even cereal boxes to make the cover of your journal.


Bullet Journaling for Beginners might seem like a hard task and you may not know what should you record in your Journal. Don’t worry, it’s really very easy!

Although your Bullet Journal should be customised according to your habits and goals, but there are certain pages that need to be integrated for you to get organised. The ultimate list of most important pages which every Bullet Journal must have;


Essential pages of a Bullet Journal

  • Title Page – This page can have anything from that you want to meantion on the front page – your name, any quote, a beautiful mandala or anything you relate with.
  • Key – Ryder Carroll recommends using the following symbols if you want to be perfect at BuJo:




Priority: *

Inspiration: !

  • Index – A table of contents that should be updated as you go on with your journal
  • Future Log – This is a compilation of 4 pages which cover all the months in a year and important tasks to accomplish throughout the year.
  • Monthly Spread – Whole month is seen at a glance with everything that needs to be done during the next 30 days
  • Weekly Spread – It covers all the tasks that need to get completed in the next seven days including deadlines, appointments and events.
  • Daily Spread – This shows every minute task that you need to get accomplished on a specific day. You can mark the most important tasks with a red marker.
  • Goals – This page covers everything you need to accomplish and all the things that you want to complete or achieve.
  • To-Do List – This can be made on a daily basis a night before so that you can wake up with a purpose.


Essential pages of a Bullet Journal


All these kind of pages help you to keep track of your tasks on a daily basis.

  • Habit Tracker 
  • Mood Tracker 
  • Fitness Tracker 
  • Chore Tracker 
  • Progress Tracker 
  • Routine Tracker 


Essential Pages of a Bullet Journal

You can make lists of your preference in order to keep yourself updated and organised. These will help you remember things that you might forget easily.

  • Birthday List
  • Books To Read
  • Places To Visit
  • Movies To Watch
  • Holiday List
  • Grocery List
  • Things To Buy
  • Important Contacts


Essential Pages of A Bullet Journal

These pages are the ones that define self-care and self-love. Make sure that you don’t skip these pages as they will make you feel good about you and your life.

  • Quotes 
  • Affirmations
  • Things I love about me
  • Gratitude Log
  • Happy Thoughts
  • Dream Log
  • Brain Storming


After you start keeping a Bullet Journal with yourself, it will finally become a habit to carry it everywhere you go. As it is quite handy, you can keep it on the side table or carry it with you in your bag. After sometime, it will become a part of your daily routine.

Bullet Journaling for Beginners

Keeping a Bullet Journal will make your life a lot easier and balanced. It will help you become the best version of yourself and let you understand yourself better. So, start a Bullet Journal asap as it will help you in organising your messed up life like a pro. A Bullet Journal has a variety of benefits;

  • The Optimum To-Do List

In order to plan your activities, you can make effective To-do lists according to your schedule. This will help you remember everything that is to be done. You can mark the most important tasks and prioritise them accordingly. Bullet Journaling helps for prepare the optimum To-do list for you.

  • Daily Planning and Organising

Once you incorporate the habit of writing down and checking out stuff that you have to do on a regular basis, you will become super organised in every area of your life. Be it your appointment with the client, going out with your friends or even having a track of your meals. You’ll start feeling incomplete without your journal.

  • Personal Improvement and Growth

When you start keeping track of your activities and progress, you come to know how far you have come in personally improving yourself. Ultimately, the main aim of starting a journal is to improve and grow into a better person to lead a better life.

  • Memory Keeper

If you are one of those people who are bad at remembering events, dates and appointments. Then Bullet Journal will act as your savior by saving all the important information that you tend to forget very easily. You can add birthday lists, appointments, your thoughts and everything that you tend to forget.

  • Creative Outlet

Bullet Journal can help to bring out the artist in you. You can use it as a creative outlet to make your pencil and brush run free over the pages of your journal. You can use stickers and stamps to make it look gorgeous.

  • Cleans Up Head Space

One of the best uses of keeping a Bullet Journal is that helps it clean up your head space. When you write down important tasks, appointments and goals; you tend to worry less about forgetting things and you can become more creative and productive. This will also help you get sound sleep during nights because you will feel restful without worrying about what you need to do the next day.

Bullet Journaling Uses

Because of the current scenario of global pandemic, we all have ruined our schedules and messed up our routines. So the best option to get back on track with our life is knowing at least the basics of Bullet Journaling for Beginners.