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Bullet Journal essentials to level up your creativity | Affordable supplies for beginners


Are you thinking about starting a Bullet Journal? We all know how tedious it can be when it comes to actually design an entire Bullet Journal. But let’s be real, working on notebooks with empty blank pages and writing stuff can get a little boring. We need some sort of colours and have to be creative to make our Journals attractive. This blog has all the Bullet Journal essentials that you would require to make your Journal a bit interesting and attractive.

An easy place to start with any endeavour is simply taking your thoughts out of your head and organizing them on paper. In so doing, you’ve already crossed the starting line to realise that it’s just another moment.

–  Ryder Carroll 

To make your life sorted and organised with a bit of fun element and creativity, this blog has all the supplies you will need to design your perfect Bullet Journal.

Bullet journal essentials


The categories discussed for Bullet Journal essentials are


  1. Notebooks
  2. Pens/ pencils
  3. Accessories
  4. Decor Items


Types of Notebooks – Bullet Journal Essentials

1. Classic Dotted Notebook

If you want to give that classy or mature look while carrying your Journal, this one is going to be the perfect for you.

2. Dotted Notebook

Again one among the top sellers on Amazon. Easy to use with so many colour options. A must  for beginners to start off with Bullet Journal. You can easily divide the sections in your Bullet Journal using this notebook.

3. Dot Grid Notebook

This one is available with the sturdy spiral material that can come handy to rip off pages if you come across any mistake.

4. 1917 Dotted Notebook

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by Amazon, this bullet journal is one of the most popular one out there. You can even check the reviews online and I can assure you that you wont be disappointed. Also, these are very accessible and standard looking, definitely a must have.

 4. Travel Journal

Travel Journals can be perfect if you are looking for a light weight journal to carry along. Light weight and handy to carry.

Notebooks are definitely a must have if you are looking for bullet journal essentials. You can choose the notebooks based on your personal preference.

Pens / Pencils – Bullet Journal Essentials

1. Coloured Fine liners

To give colours to your journals, these are a must have. There are so many varieties of colours that you can find and customise accordingly.

2. Black Fine Liners

For basic and classy look, black fine liners are definitely a go to.

3. Pencils

We all know pencils can be very useful to make a rough layout before the final one.

4. Highlighters

For a little bit more pop of colour  in your Bullet Journal highlighters can in come handy.

5. Pen loop

While looking for a bullet journal notebooks, you can find one with a pen loop. This can be an essential to hold your pens. One can carry them easily without even loosing your pens.



Apart from just notebooks and pens there are more supplies that can be used to make your Bullet Journal look somewhat interesting.

1. Scale

Protect your spreads from uneven lines by using a scale.

2. Stencils

The easiest way to add doodles in your Bullet Journal spread is to use stencils. Easy and best way to show some creativity!

3. Paper clips

For laying your journals flat on the desk, paper clips can definitely come in handy. These can make it easy for you to layout your spreads in your Bullet Journal.

4. Scissors

Scissors are definitely a necessity for cutting out any thing that you want to paste in your Bullet journal. Be it a travel ticket that you want to save for memories, or any kind of receipt and even for cutting out washi tapes. Scissors are a must have essential that you would need.


Decor Items

Here are the products that can be used to decorate your Bullet Journals.

1. Stickers

Make your spreads interesting and attractive by applying some strikers on your Bullet Journal spreads.

2. Stamps

If you are not good at calligraphy or don’t have a good handwriting, there’s nothing to worry about. You can easily do this by using some stamps.

3. Tapes

There are so many varieties of washi tapes available. You can find them in your near stationary shops or online as well. These can make your Bullet journals look really attractive and are also easily accessible.

4. Water colour palette

To make some splash patterns or to give any cool look to your Bullet Journal spreads watercolors can come very handy.


When we talk about bullet journal supplies, all we actually need is just a notebook and a pen. But of course we have to be a little bit creative when it comes to customisation. To unleash our creativity and to make our Bullet Journal a bit more attractive there are so many products available than just a notebook and a pen (all of them are listed above). From ruler to washi tape to colourful pens to water colours, there are so many supplies that can be used to customise our bullet journal.

This Quarantine time is the best time to start with Bullet Journal and be a little creative. Explore yourself and get your life sorted and believe me, Bullet Journaling is the best way to make our lives a bit more organised.